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Sharing Wisdom from the Cancer Journey
Thank you in advance for sharing time and wisdom from your cancer journey. Please know that your responses will:
  • assist people facing cancer;
  • be combined with others and not released in any way that will identify you; and
  • be accepted as your consent to compile and share results.
Survey 2: Loved One of Cancer Patient/Survivor
1. Fill in the blank: My______had or has cancer. Example: wife, father, friend, etc.:
2. Type of cancer:
3. Your loved one's age at diagnosis:
4. Your age when your loved one was diagnosed:
5. Your loved one's prognosis:
6. What has been your biggest challenge in helping your loved one and how was it overcome?
7. What has been your biggest fear and how have you/do you cope with it?
8. How were people the most helpful to you?
9.What advice do you have for someone helping a loved one with cancer?
10. Any other wisdom you would like to share?
Leave blank to respond anonymously; include email to receive your free gift: